Typical Concerns

What Kinds of Issues are Brought to the Ombudsman Office?

Any issue may be discussed with the Ombudsman. Visitors’ issues may involve concerns with a colleague, advisor, advisee, supervisor, instructor, or co-worker.  Typical issues include:

Career Management promotion; performance management; end of appointment; layoff; reorganization; uncollegial environment; overwork; compensation; benefits
Work Relationships conflict with colleague, manager, or advisor; difficult staff; inappropriate or disrespectful behavior; abuse of power; bullying
Research Concerns authorship; unethical behavior; research misconduct; conflict of interest; time commitment; compliance
Policies & Requirements academic and employment guidelines; disciplinary process and rulings; grievance and complaint procedures
Illness, Disability disability services; accommodation requests; disability plans; leave options; internal and outside resources
Sexual Harassment, Discrimination unwelcome, inappropriate behavior; inappropriate relationships
Other Concerns
parking; housing; University services; financial aid; community safety

Attached is a document presented by Lydia Cummings to the East Coast Ombudsman Group in 2003 which may be of interest concerning bullying and harming behavior.

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